Baby Sells! 14 Week Update


We are pregnant!!! It’s still so surreal to say. Finding out we were expecting a little Baby Sells was the most amazing moment in my life. Zarin and I have felt so completely blessed with the out-pour of love and support from our family and friends since we shared the news. I’m happy to share that as of 5.13.17, we are officially into our second trimester! I experienced so much during my first trimester and thought I would take some time to reflect back and share some of those experiences.  Not only with you, our closest family and friends, but anyone going through a pregnancy, trying, or have already gone through it. They say every pregnancy is different. And this being my first child, I learned so much in my first trimester. The first few weeks after we found out I was pregnant were kind of scary. I kept feeling like I needed to have my own personal pregnancy expert on hand to answer my gazillion questions and concerns. Overall, though, I’ve come to realize this is an absolutely blessed time for my family and to enjoy the journey. And that’s what we intend to do and bring you along the journey with us.

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Christmas with the Sells’

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! And also the time of the year when my wonderful husband quests through our storage to pull out my many, many boxes of Christmas decor! This year my inspiration for our Christmas decor came from a single faux rose. Shopping with mom at Michael’s a few weeks ago, I found these large, beautiful grey roses. They were dusted with faux snow and absolutely gorgeous. I had to have them!



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A Sprinkle Baby Shower

Zarin and I are blessed to be Godparents to two beautiful children together – Baby Anias and Baby A.Max. When we learned that Baby Anias was about to be a big sister, we we’re so excited! About a month and a half before Baby Garrett was expected, we threw together a simple but sweet Sprinkle. Now, if you are asking yourself what a Sprinkle is, don’t think you are alone. I had the same questions when momma-to-be told me about it. Given this was her second daughter, many of the clothes and other items from her first pregnancy could be used again with her second daughter. You can think of a Sprinkle as a smaller baby shower and more focused on mom. This Sprinkle was also especially special because Baby Garrett is mom & dad’s rainbow baby.


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Home Office Reno

After getting married in September of 2014, Zarin and I fell right into the nesting stage. After a whirlwind wedding and 10 months of planning, we were ready to make our house a cozy home for our family. The home office was the first project. The room was about 50 shades of beige and had these old, warped built-in shelves and a super outdated ceiling fan. We had been using the room as storage but we’re ready to turn it into a useful space. I had always wanted and office space and because I’m the one that handles all the bills, ect. it naturally turned into ‘my office’.

Home Office Renovation Home Office Renovation

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Our Crazy, Beautiful Wedding

Our wedding was everything and nothing like we imagined it would be. From the rain, to the last minute change of venue.. to call it crazy is an understatement. But it was beautiful. And it was our crazy, beautiful day. We had our closest family and friends to celebrate with us and at the end of the day we were husband and wife – and that’s truly all that mattered to us.
To our wedding court, our vendors, all our friends and family, thank you!! We love you and this day wouldn’t have been so amazing without you!
And to Corey Hour and Team, you guys are simply amazing. Thank you for this beautiful video.
xo, Mr. & Mrs. Sells

Bridal Shower – 8.9.14

The bridal shower was so much fun and turned out beautifully! I’m so happy everyone was able to come and spend some time with me as the wedding day gets closer and closer! We did a lot of the decorating and details on our own. I made the above welcome sign out of poster board and my sister picked up this adorable chalkboard sign at Hobby Lobby. We added some greenery and voila!

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Invitations have been sent!
We worked so hard on these lovely little invites
and we hope you love them as much as we do!
Nothing like DIY wedding invitations!
We are also loving all the photos you all are sending us of our invitations on your fridges!
We look forward to your RSVPS!
Zarin & Zo

Paper Save the Dates.. Our Take

Gathering addresses for our huge families was proving to be such a hassle! 
The idea of sending out 150 Save the Date cards seemed like a daunting task so we decided to make a save the date video to spread the word to our family and friends… If you haven’t seen it yet click here!
But!!! We still opted to create a small amount of traditional paper save the dates for our closest loved ones. 
I came across a super cute company called Paperless Post. There you can create e-vites, which was my original plan. But after creating a masterpiece, I had to print them out.. which they do too! 
I picked out a super cute envelope liner in gold with white polka dots. The creation process was really easy and shipping was fast! Not all of us are graphic designers so this website made it easy to create something we were excited to share with our family and friends!
Save the Date! 9.27.14
zo & zarin