38 Week Update (‘cuz we don’t know if we’ll make it to 40!)

20171028_11143834 week update here.
28 week update here.
20 week update here.
14 week update here.

We are nearing the end. The end of a pregnancy I have loved and have been blessed with. I’ll miss my belly. I’ll miss feeling her kick. I’ll miss my husband’s hand resting on my belly throughout the night. But I know what is to come will be 100000000x better.

This week we’re also sharing some more photos from our maternity shoot. I was 36 weeks when we took our photos. I’m so happy we have them to remember this pregnancy and share with our baby girl when she gets older.  We actually took them at what was supposed to be our wedding venue. The venue we never got to use because we got rained out. But now, we have these beautiful photos in this beautiful space from another beautiful time in our lives. Thank you to our amazing photographer, Corey Hour! Enjoy!

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Team no sleep! Randomly waking up at 2 or 3am has been the norm lately. The past few days I’ve been running off 3-4 hours of sleep. But, I figure it’s good practice for when baby comes.


Baby Z is the size of a spaghetti squash, about 19 and a half inches tall, and weighs almost 7 pounds! At our OB appointment last week, our doctor said baby is measuring right on schedule. 🙂


38 pounds


Belly button has popped! 🙂


Baby is still moving quiet a bit. We love watching her shift from side to side. At our last OB appointment, I got checked for dilation and our OB was surprised to see I was 1cm dilated. Our doctor explained most first time moms don’t dilate until active labor but said I seem to be moving along nicely. I’ve also started feeling more light contractions. It’s getting real, y’all!




Starting to actually have a few cravings. Cheesecake and a breakfast burrito were the latest.


T-Minus two weeks. That’s 14 days people! IF we even make it that far. Now that we know I’ve started to dilate, even at only 1cm, we know she could be here any day. We feel ready. When I do manage to get some sleep, I dream about her. We imagine hearing her first cry and holding her and kissing her for the first time. Oh, my heart. We are anxious to meet you and call you ours forever, baby girl. See you soon.
Mommy, Daddy & Brother

zarin & zo

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