Christmas with the Sells’

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! And also the time of the year when my wonderful husband quests through our storage to pull out my many, many boxes of Christmas decor! This year my inspiration for our Christmas decor came from a single faux rose. Shopping with mom at Michael’s a few weeks ago, I found these large, beautiful grey roses. They were dusted with faux snow and absolutely gorgeous. I had to have them!



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A Sprinkle Baby Shower

Zarin and I are blessed to be Godparents to two beautiful children together – Baby Anias and Baby A.Max. When we learned that Baby Anias was about to be a big sister, we we’re so excited! About a month and a half before Baby Garrett was expected, we threw together a simple but sweet Sprinkle. Now, if you are asking yourself what a Sprinkle is, don’t think you are alone. I had the same questions when momma-to-be told me about it. Given this was her second daughter, many of the clothes and other items from her first pregnancy could be used again with her second daughter. You can think of a Sprinkle as a smaller baby shower and more focused on mom. This Sprinkle was also especially special because Baby Garrett is mom & dad’s rainbow baby.


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