Baby Sells! 34 Week Update & Our Babymoon!



We stayed at The Saguaro, a super cute boutique hotel in Oldtown Scottsdale, for a mini staycation babymoon to enjoy some R&R before baby girl comes. One night for the both of us to unwind and really just enjoy each other. I highly recommend to all expecting moms and dads!



2017093040277936528 week update here.
20 week update here.
14 week update here.


Two words: Groin Pain! This has been the hardest thing to deal with the last 6 weeks as we get closer to the end. Getting out of bed and normal moving around isn’t as easy and there is always that lingering pain.


Baby Z is the size of an cantaloupe, about 18 inches tall, and weighs about 5 pounds!


31 pounds!


Belly! Baby girl continues to grow and grow and grow! My belly button has almost disappeared, too!


Baby moves a ton! As she runs out of space, I feel her rolling much more now. She favors my right side and is head down. Sometimes she’ll stick her foot up near my ribs and I’ll try to squeeze it and chase her as she moves around my belly. My favorite has to be feeling her booty sticking out like a little ball.


None. Still all good here!


Lately, salmon. & Dunkin Donuts decaf (no Starbucks!? Who dis?) 🙂


We’re under two months! We are almost done with the nursery and getting the last few things we’ll need for her when she arrives.
*Note to expecting moms & dads: Baby stuff is EXPENSIVE!!! We’ve actually been using resale apps like Offer Up & Let Go to find some things we need for baby! I was totally against it at first but looking at the prices adding up, I came to my senses. I originally wanted a dresser/changing table that was $250 and found an almost identical one on Let Go for $80! With a fresh coat of paint and new knobs, it’s better than I could have imagined. (Nursery tour coming soon!) The infamous DockATot pillow that retails for $180 in store we got brand new from someone on Offer Up for $120! When it comes down to it, some of this stuff you’ll only use for a few months. Think about what your baby will really need and where you can manage to save some money now.*
We also recently celebrated our three year anniversary and celebrated by having a 4D ultrasound done. By far, the best gift we could have ever given each other! Little mama smiled as soon as she heard daddy’s voice and it was all caught on video. She has a lot of hair like daddy did and from what we can tell, mommy’s cheeks and smile. 6 weeks to go!




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