Baby Number 2!

As we get ready to welcome our sweet baby boy into the world, I’ve realized just how insanely fast this pregnancy has gone by. How am I already 30 weeks!? What I’ve also realized is this could possibly be my very last pregnancy (Zarin says we’re done, I say we’ll see). So, I’d like to take the last 10 (or less) weeks and enjoy every last second of this pregnancy and while we’re at it, share a little bit about how we’ve been doing the last 30 weeks 🙂

How We Found Out

We were planning on waiting until Zadie was closer to 2 years old before starting to try for #2. But of course, before her first birthday, I took a test with that all too familiar feeling. But this time I didn’t go out and get two boxes of the name brand $15 tests. I rolled on through to the local Dollar Tree and picked up three $1 pregnancy tests. Zarin was on the phone with someone in the living room when I casually told him I was going to go take the tests and he casually said okay. After the first one, I came out with ‘the look’ on my face. He was still having his conversation on the phone and gave me that, ‘are you sure’, look so I went in and took the second. I came back out a few minutes later and gave him the, ‘yes, I’m sure’ look. Finally, after I came back with the third result, I could see his face change with a huge smile. This was the, ‘oh, shit we’re pregnant again’ paired with the, ‘omg, we’re having another baby and I’m already so in love’ face! We got in to see the doctor at around 8 weeks to confirm. Our nurse and doctor had to tell us multiple times that we were indeed pregnant – we were still in shock! Also, lesson to take away – $1 store pregnancy tests are just as good as the grocery store ones ladies! Save that mula and buy some diapers instead lol!

#1 vs. #2

They say every pregnancy is different and it’s definitely true in my case.

Symptoms – I had zero symptoms with this pregnancy early on. I think this is one of the reasons we were in disbelief for so long. With Zadie, I had morning sickness all day every day from 6 weeks through 12 weeks. Baby boy has been good to me this pregnancy! When I was pregnant with Zadie, I thought it was crazy that women could go through pregnancy without any morning sickness.. but now, I can say it’s definitely possible and oh so welcomed.

Baby Bumps – I was also taking photos of my bump with Zadie literally every week. With number 2, we’ve been lucky to remember to do it maybe 3 times? It has been amazing, though, to see how different my bumps look with the photos we have managed to take. Shouts out to my photographer husband. Luv u boo!


28 weeks with Baby Boy Z (left) – 28 weeks with Zadie (right)

Cravings – These have been different too! With Zadie I wanted sweets, all the time. #2 has proven to have boujee-ier tastes. Crab, lobster, and steak have been all the things I’ve craved. So weird. But no food aversions this time, thank god!

Seasons – Being pregnant in the winter was rough. With Zadie being in daycare and bringing home all kinds of germs and my immune system naturally lowered, I was sick on and off (mostly on) for over 2 months. Everything from really bad colds to viral infections and even loosing my voice. Thank goodness for Z Packs! I’m actually glad to see the warmer weather here in AZ and be done with the nasty cold and flu season!

Having a Toddler! – This has been one of the biggest differences. Being pregnant with a toddler is quite the experience. Toddlers don’t give two shits about how tired you are or the fact that you moan and groan every time you have to bend over to pick up all their toys. I think Zadie understands a little bit about a baby being in mama’s belly. She gives my belly kisses at nights and we just took her to our 30 week ultrasound. Can’t wait to see her as a big sister.


30 week ultrasound

All the bells and whistles – I spent countless hours researching everything under the moon when I was pregnant with Zadie. I wanted everything to be absolute perfection for her – only the best stroller, crib, and of course she needed a wipe warmer (one of the many things we DID NOT use). I’ve learned that all the bells and whistles are unnecessary. I feel much more relaxed with the ‘stuff’ we need to do and get done for baby boy. Although, we are way behind schedule with #2 (ie: We have yet to start on his nursery, his diaper stash is non-existent, etc.) the most important thing that we know is that this baby will be so loved and we are so ready for him to join our family!

Gender Reveal – We had a big gender reveal party for Zadie – which was amazing and SO much fun. With #2, though, we opted to just find out ourselves. We did genetic testing early at 10 weeks with both Zadie and #2, which also determines the gender. So, once we found out what we were having with #2, we surprised the kids with a present for them to open! We took some photos and bundled it all together in our announcement. Ya know, 2 birds, one stone. Zero bells and whistles. Lol!

20181128_145537 (1)

Zarin wouldn’t admit it but he was soooo nervous #2 was going to be another girl. Needless to say, we were both ECSTATIC to learn we were having a boy!


Names – Well, we figured out Zadie’s name around 22 weeks or so. Baby boy has yet to have a name. We’ll get there little man, I hope. Lol!

Last Trimester – I thought I dodged the bullet when I was pregnant with Zadie. The last trimester was a breeze and I was able to move around fairly close to normal. BUT, with #2, the last trimester has come at me a little harder. Back aches and pains are a daily thing now. My pregnancy pillow is mandatory every night. This time around I also have Zadie demanding, “Uppa, mama” which is great for my back.. I joke.

Up next we have some fun family photos and our baby shower! And before you know it baby boy will be here! I can’t wait to see his face and kiss each of his fingers like I did with his big sister. We can’t wait to see how similar and different he will be from his big brother and sister. We’ll see you soon, baby boy!

Thanks for following along!


Team Z



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