Baby Sells! 14 Week Update


We are pregnant!!! It’s still so surreal to say. Finding out we were expecting a little Baby Sells was the most amazing moment in my life. Zarin and I have felt so completely blessed with the out-pour of love and support from our family and friends since we shared the news. I’m happy to share that as of 5.13.17, we are officially into our second trimester! I experienced so much during my first trimester and thought I would take some time to reflect back and share some of those experiences.  Not only with you, our closest family and friends, but anyone going through a pregnancy, trying, or have already gone through it. They say every pregnancy is different. And this being my first child, I learned so much in my first trimester. The first few weeks after we found out I was pregnant were kind of scary. I kept feeling like I needed to have my own personal pregnancy expert on hand to answer my gazillion questions and concerns. Overall, though, I’ve come to realize this is an absolutely blessed time for my family and to enjoy the journey. And that’s what we intend to do and bring you along the journey with us.

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