Baby Sells! 20 Week Update


14 week update here.

Half way!!! A lot has changed from week 14 to now. The biggest thing being I actually feel and look pregnant. Around week 19, I started feeling bigger and stretched out. I feel like my stomach had doubled in size overnight, too! Zarin took the photo above this morning and my mouth dropped at how huge my stomach looks! Lol! I’ve also had people at work take notice to the bump so there’s been a lot more belly rubbing going on. Everyday, though, I’m still in awe with the beautiful life that’s growing inside me and the changes my body is going through to help her grow. Pregnancy is a crazy beautiful thing, yall!

We got to see baby girl during our second trimester ultrasound (18-19 weeks). She was hiding from us behind her arm again during most of the ultrasound but our tech still managed to get some sweet photos. ❤

Look at that belly!

Long legs like daddy.

Hiding from mommy & daddy.

My favorite photo! Let us peek enough to see that sweet face.


Overall, MUCH better than the first trimester. I’m actually able to look at food without having to vomit and my appetite has returned! I’ll still get nauseous and sick every once in a blue moon but not nearly as bad as my first 12 weeks. I still take the medication my doctor prescribed in my first trimester, Diclegis, every night to help with the nausea. I went without it a few weekends ago after I forgot to refill my prescription and definitely felt the difference. I also get tired and short of breath more easily. As baby grows my uterus is growing with her and pressing against my lungs so, yea, that explains that.


A small cantaloupe & about the length of a banana!


Total: 13 pounds. I’ve gained 3 pounds over my prepregnancy weight. (I lost 10 pounds during the first trimester)


The weirdest thing by far has to be my disappearing belly button. As my stomach is growing my belly button is getting more and more shallow. Zarin and I go back and forth on whether we think it will pop out or not later in the pregnancy. As of right now, I still have an innie but it’s slowly starting to shrink! I also feel like I’m carrying high. At different times throughout the day my stomach will be either be softer or harder, especially towards the top.


It’s a GIRL!!!!!!! Zarin was convinced from the first time we heard the baby’s heartbeat that our baby was a boy. He would constantly say there was a ‘stallion’ in my belly. After our 14 week ultrasound I started to feel like maybe it could be a boy. The baby was jumping around like crazy on the ultrasound so I told myself it had to be a boy. I looked up all the old wives tales and 90% of them pointed towards a girl. But still, as crazy as it sounds, I felt like Zarin was incapable of producing a girl! With 7 nephews and only 1 niece in his family, I felt like I was bound for a boy. BUT, we had a gender reveal party around 17 weeks and learned Baby Sells is a Baby Girl! We are soooooooooooooooooooo excited! 🙂 See our gender reveal update here.


Nothing yet. They say first time moms usually feel their babies between 20-22 weeks so I’m close! Zarin will listen to my stomach and swears he hears her but then I listen to his and we explain the same sound so who knows! Also, my doctor explained that I have an anterior placenta. Normally, during pregnancy, the placenta will attach to the back of the uterus closer to the spine. In my case, my placenta is more towards the front of my uterus. So, basically think of a baby sandwich. Normally, it would be belly, baby, placenta. For me, it’s belly, placenta, baby. Although, both baby and I are perfectly healthy and have nothing to worry about, the placement of my placenta can make it take longer for me to feel baby girl. I found this pretty great article explaining more about anterior placentas for your reading pleasure. I found it pretty entertaining. 🙂


Still nothing too crazy. I still enjoy having sweets as opposed to anything salty. My go-to’s have been cereal, toast, bagels with cream cheese, and fruit. I asked Zarin to get me an Airhead candy from the gas station the other day which was pretty random but hey, it sounded so good at the time.


During my first trimester I couldn’t even look at meat without feeling sick. I’ve been able to work it back into my diet. I still can’t get close to a chicken leg, though. I’ve gotten sick a few times during the second trimester but not from one thing in particular. It’s still just a hit or miss game. And for a foodie like me, it’s been tough to work back up to a ‘normal’ diet. It’s all about what sounds good in the moment but I have definitely been doing much better in the food area.


I’m hoping to feel her soon! Zarin and I are also starting to look at things for the nursery and add items to our registry. We’ve also been talking a lot about names. I think we are about 99% sure we’ve picked one out for our girl but we are waiting until she’s born to officially name her. It’s unbelievable how quickly time is going. So, for the time being we are getting ready for baby girl but enjoying the journey. We hope you are too.




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