Baby Sells Gender Reveal!

Ok. Seriously? Where is the time going?! Zarin and I had our gender reveal party just about 2 weeks ago! We had a small get together with some of our closest family and friends and I’m still so in shock and so in love with our growing baby. We are so excited to share Baby Sells is a Baby Girl!!!



We wanted a fun but affordable way to announce the gender of our baby with our close family and friends. So we decided to have the party at home and throw a BaBy Q (Get it? BBQ? But BaBy Q ha!). We encouraged everyone to bring their swimsuits to stay cool in the pool and come ready with their guesses – boy or girl!



Thank you to the Salgado’s for creating such a cute welcome sign! xo



I created a board for our guests to cast their votes – Team Boy or Team Girl. We also picked up these fun glasses at Party City. I was undecided and remained neutral the whole party. Zarin and Ziggy were convinced it was a boy.


We also played, ‘Oh Baby, Jackpot’. Before the party, we told all our guests to bring $5 to participate in the jackpot game. Everyone put their money in the jar after choosing boy or girl. We drew a name after the reveal and my co-worker, Ashleigh, was the winner. She chose to donate the money back to Zarin and I. How freakin’ sweet is she!?



We had decided to Facebook Live the reveal because both of my parents were out of town during the party. We also thought it would be a fun way to include all our FB friends and family who couldn’t be at the party. Zarin, however, decided early on during the party that he wanted to document the WHOLE party. (I’ve included the videos below for your viewing pleasure!) So, when it came time for the reveal, we ushered everyone outside to our front yard. We chose to go with giant confetti cannons to reveal whether we were having a baby boy or baby girl. Now, it’s important to know, Zarin and I decided not to know the gender ahead of time. I entrusted my dear friend, Kelli, to be the keeper of this big secret. Zarin and I opted to do blood tests during my 10 week appointment. These tests also checked for the sex of the baby. So, at our 14 week follow up my doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender. We both hesitantly said that we were going to wait to share the news at our upcoming gender reveal party. My doctor said she would leave the results off my file and that I could have a family member or friend call in to get the results when were were ready. I knew Kelli would be able to keep it a secret and help us plan for the party and she did such a good job.. almost too much of a good job! I was heading out of town for work for about a week and had her call the doctor right before I left. My thought process being, I would be too busy to obsess over the fact that she knew. But, we had a train delay on our way to DC from NYC and of course my brain started obsessing over it and I text her trying to get any kind of indication of what we were having. She never gave in, though. I tried, but couldn’t get any information or hints out of her. Kelli, thank you so much for your help with this. I know it was no easy task! xo. But I digress.. back to the reveal. As we were getting everyone into position, Kelli started handing out the cannons. Everyone was chattering excitedly getting to their spots for the big moment when all of a sudden I heard a loud POP behind me. The POP was followed by about 35 gasps and screams. Somebody (who shall remain nameless.. cough… Damon… cough.. my mother-in-law’s boyfriend.. cough) had accidentally set a cannon off early! I had my back to the noise and immediately knew what had happened. I was frozen, though, and too nervous, shocked, excited to turn around. But I didn’t have to. Because seconds later I saw the PINK confetti fall around me. I looked around and then looked at my husband in shock. Then, everyone started popping off the cannons all around us. We were surrounded by PINK and I couldn’t believe it! It was a perfectly imperfect experience finding out that we were bringing a baby girl into the world! If you know Zarin and I, you know we are used to things not always going our way.. (e.g. the flooded wedding of 2014 ha!) So one of the biggest things we’ve learned together is to not sweat the small stuff. 🙂

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Thank you to everyone who came out and spent the day with us and those of you who watched with us on-line. We love you all and feel so blessed to be able to share this journey with you. So, watch out world! Baby Girl Sells coming November 2017!!!

Baby Sells Gender Reveal – Part 1

Link to video:

Baby Sells Gender Reveal – Part 2

Link to video:


Baby Sells Gender Reveal – Part 3

Link to video:

Fast forward to 3:00 mark for the ring test!

Fast forward to the 7:00 mark for the big reveal!

Fast forward to the 19:00 mark for the Jackpot draw!




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