A Sprinkle Baby Shower

Zarin and I are blessed to be Godparents to two beautiful children together – Baby Anias and Baby A.Max. When we learned that Baby Anias was about to be a big sister, we we’re so excited! About a month and a half before Baby Garrett was expected, we threw together a simple but sweet Sprinkle. Now, if you are asking yourself what a Sprinkle is, don’t think you are alone. I had the same questions when momma-to-be told me about it. Given this was her second daughter, many of the clothes and other items from her first pregnancy could be used again with her second daughter. You can think of a Sprinkle as a smaller baby shower and more focused on mom. This Sprinkle was also especially special because Baby Garrett is mom & dad’s rainbow baby.


Given this was a Sprinkle, it only made sense that we should have sprinkles everywhere! What momma-to-be also loved about the sprinkles was the rainbow color. Everything tied in together so well. So with that, we had a theme for the party!


We wanted something simple but sweet that our guests could leave with as ‘Thank You’ favors. So, I got some oreos and dipped them in candy melts and sprinkled on the sprinkles. We added a few to each bag and tied on some ribbon. Simple, sweet, and so cute!



We couldn’t stop using the sprinkles with the cookies. So, I opted to add them to the cake too. 🙂 We went with my go-to, Costco cake! I added some sprinkles around the edges and to the top of the baby stroller to tie in the theme. A baby shower cake for under $20? Done!



We had such a great time at the Sprinkle! Momma-to-be was happy and we couldn’t be more excited to meet sweet Baby Girl Garrett!





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