Home Office Reno

After getting married in September of 2014, Zarin and I fell right into the nesting stage. After a whirlwind wedding and 10 months of planning, we were ready to make our house a cozy home for our family. The home office was the first project. The room was about 50 shades of beige and had these old, warped built-in shelves and a super outdated ceiling fan. We had been using the room as storage but we’re ready to turn it into a useful space. I had always wanted and office space and because I’m the one that handles all the bills, ect. it naturally turned into ‘my office’.

Home Office Renovation Home Office Renovation

Once all the demolition was complete we had to patch up the walls because the shelves left some pretty big imprints behind. We took the old ceiling fan out and installed recessed lighting. We also picked a soft grey paint and gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white.

IMAG7776 IMAG7857 Home Office Renovation

Next was floors! As you can see we had some ugly beige tiles that were boring and outdated. We opted to go with a laminate wood flooring to keep down the cost and because we were able to lay them over the tile – easy! Zarin and Dad made sure to leave their mark on the tile we were leaving behind (or underneath I suppose).

IMAG8126 Home Office Renovation

And here we have the final project! Fun fact: We made the marquee heart for our wedding but never got to use it how we intended. We were so excited to re-purpose it for our home office.

IMAG9020 IMAG9021 Home Office Decor



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