Ziggy’s Sports Birthday Party

Ziggy turned 8 years old, yall! It’s crazy how quick this kid is growing. When we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he told us, “I want to play football, and kickball with my friends!” Easy enough! Sports birthday party it was! Zarin and I picked the park and got to work.


The kids playing a game of touch football.


Ziggy was very particular about his cake this year – even going on Google to find a picture of the one he wanted. He landed on a cake with a big football on top. “You got it, kid!”

We’ve had quite a few birthdays over the last few months and I’ve started to lean on plain white Costco sheet cakes. They feed about 40-50 people, only cost about $19 and are DELICIOUS! It’s also nice to have the base of the cake ready to go and I can go in and add the decoration. I purchased a football cake mold from Amazon here. It was super simple and turned out great. I iced the football cake and added it to the top of the sheet cake. I made some green frosting and used a special frosting tip to make it look like grass. I found the goal posts at Dollar Tree, added a simple chalkboard behind the cake for height and that was it! The cake got to the party in almost perfect condition. We had a slight problem with the cover smashing the top of the football but the kids didn’t even notice. Overtime, I’ve learned to accept that not everything will be perfect.. and I’m perfectly okay with that.






If there’s one thing kids will always eat, it’s cookies! These fun treats were Oreos and Nutter Butters dipped in Candy Melts and then decorated to look like baseballs, basketballs and referees! We called all the kids over when it was time for cake and these trays were emptied in 2.5 seconds flat.







This is where all the magic happens! Ziggy and I went back and forth for a whole 2 days on what color his Super Bowl trophy should be. He insisted on gold after I had shown him several times that the real life trophy is silver. We finally got to Home Depot to pick up the spray paint and he changed his mine when he saw the shiny silver top on the spray paint can. Silver it was. I purchased a clear vase and foam football from the dollar store to recreate the actual Super Bowl trophy. Ziggy helped spray, that was his favorite part. 🙂

For his gifts, I knew I wanted to doodle on the paper. So I grabbed some leftover kraft paper from Christmas and added brown and green bakers twine.

Finally, my trustee chalkboard held up once again. We dubbed the park, ‘Ziggy Field’ for the day and it was awesome. I added some 8’s to the field lines at the bottom for his 8th birthday.





All in all, the party was a huge success! Ziggy had a blast doing exactly what he wanted for his 8th birthday. Hut, hut, happy birthday! We love you, kid.



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